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When my life coaching clients tell me their stories you could imagine that we are constantly being chased by lions or defusing bombs with the way we live our lives. We are so geared for stress and so accustomed to it that people think that it is in their DNA to allow be stressed… Well it kinda, sorta is in our DNA to stress, but not all the time to the point that your heart gives up on you and puts you six feet underground.

We are working longer hours, with demands from our children and their basic needs. We exercise less and eat more bad food, which makes us fat. We have status issues, which cause us to get into debt so can look good in our new house, with our new car, holding our new phones, and in our new clothes. We are addicted to cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, TV and violence.

We may be able to handle a few of these things, but should we lose our job or our debt start flowing over, we begin to feel completely overwhelmed and so the stress levels explode, leaving in its wake a weak, sick and unhappy individual.

But what is stress?

We have stress hormones in our bodies that are released when imminent danger is headed our way so we can take immediate and effective action toward getting out of that situation. It saves lives in its primal sense, but it causes havoc on us if we subconsciously feel threatened by everything.

Have you ever had a near accident happen to you? The first thing you will notice when stress is rising is your heart starts pounding. Your muscles are tense, you’re breathing faster, and you may start sweating. That’s adrenaline. You become more aware, awake and focused.

Along with Adrenaline, Cortisol and Norepinephrine are released to take on the stressful situation at hand.  

Are you stressing more than you should? Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

Emotional: depression, irritability, low moods, anxiety.

Physical: headaches, fatigue, nausea, pounding heart, insomnia.

Mental: loss of concentration, negative thoughts, lack of interest/enthusiasm, poor judgment.

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Do you need help?

If you related to many of the above items on the list, then you should consider some professional advice from a life coach. They can help you understand why you are so affected by your circumstances and how to alter your thoughts and beliefs to better manage your stress levels. Your goal is to achieve and maintain a decent level of happiness and your life coach can assist you in this process.

There may be other factors outside of work which is causing or contributing to your work stress, so ensure you think carefully about where your stressed feeling is coming from before you can start addressing it.

Relationship stress

Being in a relationship with someone else can cause everyday pressures for all of us, but sometimes this goes even further and you may experience high-stress levels which you can pin down to being caused by the relationship you are in.

Relationship stress doesn’t only occur within couples (married or otherwise) but is also very common between family, friends, colleagues, bosses, employees and strangers. A lot of the time the stress in a relationship can be caused by arguments between people, however, there is also an awful lot of stress which is brought about by a lack of communication. When you feel aggrieved or annoyed with someone or something they have done and you don’t express it the pressure and stress caused stay within you and can eat away at you. This is why it is extremely important to communicate within your relationships. This doesn’t mean you have to tell people about every single thing that annoys you, but if you think it is likely to cause an argument in the future, perhaps it is best to address it swiftly with a calm discussion. Even a life coach will tell you that this simple action can make a massive difference in stress levels within your relationships.

Often your stress in a relationship is not coming from the other person or people in the relationship, as many people perceive it to be. A lot of the time, our actions and thoughts which we are not fully aware of cause stress to us and addressing this first will enable you to feel less stressed.

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