What Happens in Life Between Lives? Insights from Regression Experiences

In the realm of metaphysics and spirituality, there is a fascinating concept that explores the notion of life between lives. It delves into the idea that our souls exist beyond our physical existence, and that we transition through different stages during our spiritual journey. Through the exploration of regression experiences, individuals have gained valuable insights into this enigmatic realm. This article aims to shed light on what happens in life between lives, drawing upon the wisdom derived from regression experiences.

The Interlife State: A Gateway to Spiritual Understanding

Exploring Regression Experiences

Regression experiences, facilitated by trained professionals, provide individuals with a profound opportunity to delve into their past lives and the space in between. These experiences often reveal glimpses of the interlife state, the period between physical incarnations. It is in this interlife state that significant growth, learning, and healing take place.

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Remembering Past Lives

During regression sessions, individuals often recall vivid memories of past lives, connecting with the emotions, relationships, and experiences they encountered. These recollections provide a glimpse into the continuity of the soul’s journey, highlighting the karmic lessons learned and the evolution of consciousness from one lifetime to another.

Insights into the Interlife State

Reviewing Life Lessons

In the interlife state, souls have the opportunity to review their past lives comprehensively. This review enables them to gain a deeper understanding of the lessons learned, both individually and collectively. By examining their choices, actions, and consequences, souls can identify areas of growth and areas that require further exploration.

Reuniting with Soul Groups

Soul groups, consisting of souls who share deep connections and often incarnate together, reunite in the interlife state. These reunions foster a sense of belonging and support, allowing for the exchange of wisdom and experiences. Soul contracts, made prior to incarnating, are reviewed and revised, ensuring that the upcoming lifetimes align with the intended growth and learning of each soul.

Meeting Spirit Guides and Elders

In the interlife state, individuals encounter their spirit guides and elders. Spirit guides are benevolent beings who assist and guide souls throughout their incarnations, while elders are highly evolved entities who provide guidance and wisdom. Interactions with these spiritual entities offer profound insights, nurturing the soul’s journey and facilitating spiritual growth.

Healing and Integration in the Interlife State

Healing Emotional Wounds

The interlife state offers a unique opportunity for healing emotional wounds that may have been carried over from past lives. Souls engage in therapeutic processes, supported by loving energies, to release trauma, resentment, and unresolved emotions. This healing allows the soul to progress, unburdened by the weight of previous experiences.

Integrating Lessons and Knowledge

As souls transition between incarnations, they assimilate the lessons, wisdom, and knowledge acquired during past lives. This integration process ensures that the soul’s growth and development continue on an upward trajectory. The interlife state serves as a vital interlude for reflection, consolidation, and preparation for the next physical incarnation.


The exploration of regression experiences offers profound insights into the mysteries of life between lives. Through regression, individuals gain access to the interlife state, where they review past lives, reunite with soul groups, and connect with spiritual guides and elders. Healing emotional wounds and integrating lessons are essential components of this interlude, preparing the soul for its next journey. The wisdom gained from regression experiences provides a deeper understanding of the spiritual tapestry that interweaves our physical existence. Embracing the concept of life between lives enriches our understanding of the eternal nature of the soul and its continuous journey towards growth and enlightenment.

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