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From a life coach perspective, I like to share this scenario with my clients: You may think that if you dress in the morning, possibly drive yourself to work and provide a function for your company and therefore get a paycheck at the end of the month to provide for you and your family, that you are taking responsibility for your life, and to an extent, you may be doing just that. However, do you take responsibility for all those thoughts that run through your head daily?

Or the emotions that you experience when you interact with people and situations? How about the sudden actions that you perform when under stressful conditions? Do you take 100% responsibility for that part of your life as well? Hmmm…

If you do, high fives all around because you are a superstar because you think like one and I bet you act like one. If however, you don’t take 100% responsibility for every single part of your life, then join the countless millions, if not billions of people that are in the same boat as you.

The reason why so many people won’t take up the challenge of being responsible for all their thoughts, actions and feelings is that not only does it take persistent effort daily for years and years, but it also requires that you stop acting like a victim and blaming people and circumstances for all the wrongs in your life. You might want to ask yourself “where can I find a life coach in my area?”

Our ever-busy ever-crazy thoughts

We have thousands of random thoughts racing past like a merry-go-round at full speed.

“There is no way I’m taking responsibility for all that garbage!” you might be thinking.

Think about it though, those thoughts, Your Thoughts, running through Your Head, that’s all, you my friend. Pay attention to them sometimes. It’s all completely relevant to your life and usually involves an incident or person currently existing in your life.

Like an addict, the first step to recovery is admission. Admit that, “hey, that is me thinking and those are my thoughts. I must be responsible for this.”

Taking that first step is 100 000 steps ahead of most other people because most other people won’t even bother taking that first step.

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Fix your thoughts

Now again, pay attention to your thoughts and be very aware when your mind wanders into negative territory. This area does not serve you and is a complete waste of your precious time. Why do you hold yourself prisoner to such negativity when you can embrace thoughts of possibility, creativity, wonder & inspiration?

You have to stop negativity in its tracks. It has no right to be in your head and serves no purpose, other than to distract you from expanding your awareness.

Getting rid of negative thoughts takes massive effort and huge doses of diligence.

From countless years of trash jibber-jabber, in the beginning, this task will be quite a challenge to correct, but hey, you have your whole life to get it right, as long as you start getting it right today.

It will get easier, I promise.

The baby

Have you ever watched a baby doing whatever he or she does at that age? One minute smiles and laughs, then next all hell breaks loose and there are tears and crying and wailing. That is the beginning of our emotions. The uncontrollable, pre-sensible start of what will be a key player in our lives.

When we become “adults”, we feel that we have finally taken control of our emotions and how we express them to the world. So we think. I think this is all denial. We still act like children with our crazy, over-the-top emotions.

Example 1: Road rage. Example 2: Self-pity. Example 3: Being rude. Example 4: Taking your anger and frustration out on your loved ones (not cool!).

That is NOT taking control of your emotions. That is denial.

You can’t do anything about the past, so don’t feel bad that you have struggled to control your emotions. You have today and right now to start becoming a better and more empowered individual, but you must accept that you are 100% responsible for your emotions.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and getting them wrong. That’s how you learn. That is how you figure out what triggers certain emotions. Failure is only wrong when you don’t try and do better the next time.

This is an action movie

We live in an actionable world. The actions of history’s famous (and infamous) people are littered all around us.

Imagine now if these people did not take action.

Imagine if Gandhi accepted British behaviour in India.

Imagine if Nelson Mandela did nothing about the injustice in South Africa.

Imagine if Steve Jobs graduated from university and got a well-paying job instead of pursuing his passion… (I can feel your anguish at the thought).

Imagine if Oprah Winfrey never did her best at school, never entered that pageant and was never seen on TV.

This is the power of Great Action.

I’m not saying that you have to change the world, but I am expressing that these peoples destiny’s all began with what they were thinking. What was going on in their heads and how did they feel about it? The excitement and wonder of the possibilities that may lay ahead.

Positive thoughts lead to positive emotions, which lead to positive actions, which can change more than you can imagine.

On the flip side, if you act recklessly or speak little of people, then you too are 100% responsible for those actions and those actions have consequences. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that there is no harm in gossip, or thinking “that person will never see me again, so who cares how you treat them”. Never take away your power by saying: “But that’s just who I am” and “I can’t change that”. Take responsibility for your actions. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself because you will learn in detail how your actions affect people, how people will eventually treat you and even the eventual legacy that you will leave behind.

Do your best to be your best!

Something to leave you with :

Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.

– Mahatma Gandhi

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